About Title

Our inspiration comes from an Italian passion for a classic feast enjoyed with family, friends and even strangers that bring people together under the universal banner of great tasting food. An experience at one of our restaurants showcases our authentic traditional cooking techniques with high-quality ingredients.

Ingredients are everything when it comes to flavour. So, when it comes to our ingredients, we never compromise on quality or taste. From using free-range organic chicken in our rotisserie to the San Marzano tomatoes in our pizza sauce we take pride in using top quality produce. Try it for yourself and taste the difference.



Bringing classic Italian San Marzano tomatoes into our rich pizza sauce you can savour the sweet, strong flavour and low acidity courtesy of the rich volcanic soils the tomatoes grow in at the bottom of Mount Vesuvius. Our dough is made from 00 besi flour to give our pizzas a crisp finish that compliments the wide variety of flavours we offer.

It’s not just about the food it’s also about the experience. We use revolving wood-fired pizza ovens to make our classic Neapolitan pizzas. Apart from being intriguing to watch your pizzas being made from scratch, you can enjoy watching them cook in an authentic Italian style.



Rotisseries are rare in London, but we can’t see why as this simple form of cooking produces our delectable, flavoursome and juicy chickens. Rotisserie chicken is a simple form of roasting. Nonetheless for us, simple doesn’t mean the flavours are simple, far from it. The constant rotation keeps our Italian herb and garlic dressing moving around the chicken, keeping the moisture and dressing in place making for the perfect succulent chicken.